6 Habits I wish I had Dropped Earlier In My Life

”We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle

Our habits shape us, mold us, they define who we are. They can push us to be better, or to be worse, they have a huge impact on our lives.

That being said, let’s deep dive into it. I want to share with you 6 habits I wish I had dropped earlier in my life..

As you grow older, you start realizing that many things that you were worried about earlier in your life are illusions, fake fears or simply not that important.

Remember that firt swim ? That first bike ride ? That first kiss ? 

Yes you were afraid, and yet, it was merely an illusion of fear.

You simply understand that you were wrong about many things.

  1. Comparing myself to others

Comparison is poison, it will destroy you.

For one simple reason, you don’t have the full picture.

When you compare yourself to others, you are comparing your “real situation” to their “what seems like their situation”.

You can see their money, their attitudes, their friends, their situations, their jobs, but you’ve never seen what’s happening within them, what’s inside their heads.

Maybe you compare yourself to someone who looks successful but who is deeply miserable inside.

Happiness can’t be translated in a “situation”, it is a state of mind… and that’s the punchline my friends : You can’t get into someone’s head, so don’t let the appearance fake your judgement.

Now, it’s pretty funny for me, when I look back at people I used to compare myself with, some of them are completely miserable… and it reminds me that your energy & time deserve so much more than comparing yourself with miserable people.

  1. Complaining about everything

Nelson Mandela spent 20 years of his life for one purpose: Free his country from oppression

Malcolm X got shot for one purpose: Free the black community from the US Segregation

Steve Jobs was fired from his company: He created a new company called Next, launched Pixar & ultimately was called to come back to Apple.

…And there you are complaining about not living your “Dream life” because you didnt get enough likes on instagram or some shit “friend” betrayed you..


If you are not part of the solution, know that you are part of the problem

You really need to understand that nobody, absolutely nobody gives a fuck about your problems.

Every person on this planet has problems, some people more than others, but ultimately, the only thing you can do is to face your problems, breaking them down into smaller problems, articulate the options you have to solve them, then execute your plan to move on.

There is not a single problem you are facing today that has not been solved by 1000 people before you.

Just please…Remember…Not a single one is giving a fuck about what you can complain about…Except if you are surrounded by complainers too, then you are doomed.

  1. Being unclear about what I want

This one is for those who live their lives like they are waking up by accident, go to school/work by accident, going to parties by accident, spending time with people they have NO interest in.

How can you be that “passive” with your life?

Life is meant to be driven by you. The beauty of life is that you have a brain, means & a process of thinking that allow you to plan and execute your life as you want.

If you want something say it, if you don’t want it, say it.

Be clear about your expectations, the quality of relationships, the people you want to meet, the job you want to have. Live on your own terms. Don’t just live like you have nothing to say.

  1. Talk a lot

Okay this one is special.

I talk a lot; my narrative is constant. I appreciate bringing values to people by sharing my thoughts, convictions and experiences. But I also learned something…People are also expecting me to listen…

People appreciate when you can take time and listen to their concerns, ideas, problems, suggestions…They appreciate when you value their point of view.

I learned to ask deeper questions, people often tend to say very “superficial thing” in the beginning if you keep going asking deeper and meaningful questions, they will tell you’re their truth.

This means a lot to me, because I know that once someone is speaking from his heart, you just won a sincere and meaningful relationships. This is not about manipulation, this is about building strong and deep relations with others.

4 Not living my passion

  • At 12 years old I was completely obsessed with Egyptian & Greek Mythology.
  • At 14 years old, I was reading every single book I can find on religions & Spirituality.
  • At 15 years old, I went for the first time to the gym, I’ve been into fitness for over 10 years now
  • At 16 years old, I start blogging and had around 14.000 readers/year.
  • At 18 years old, I was passionate about Politics, Geo Politics & Economics
  • At 22 years old, I built my first company and started generating incomes from small & medium businesses.

Today at 25, I enjoy sharing this knowledge with others by connecting the dots.

My typical day is a mix of corporate work, reading books during commute, lifting weights, running, writing articles, reading the Economist, listening to entrepreneurship podcast, working on my next company, listening & reading spiritual books on the +30 religions in the world & finally giving values to young graduates though articles and regular content on Instagram/Facebook & website. I usually play video games (the latest one is AC Origins, a game that takes place in…ancient Egypt).

I’m telling you this because you are a LOT OF THINGS, and you can maximize who you are by optimizing the amount of time you spend on what you really love to do.

Read my article : How To Be More Productive In 4 Steps

Regard My article : I woke up at 5 AM for 50 Days, and This is What I learned

  1. Being afraid of what people think of me

This is one of the best “Fake” fear that can exist.

The moment you know that people have their own insecurities, demons, problems, disappointments, is the moment when you stop giving a fuck about what they can think of you.

Listen guys, there is no “Manual for life”, a “Simplified guide to live life the correct way”, there is no “Correct way to do it”. There is only you and the number of years you have in this life. Do you really want to stop yourself from living your best life because of others opinion ?

Social pressure is hard, I get it, but is it really worth it ?

I don’t have the answer for your current situation, but take time and ask yourself why the fuck do you care of what other people may think of you.

6. I wanted to be always right 

At some point you will acquire knowledge and experience, and you will believe that you are right, or almost right.

Now I have this purpose: I want people to prove me that I’m wrong.

On many matters, I can have views, and one thing I really enjoy, is when I find that I was completely wrong about something : an idea, a project, a concept, a point of view…

This means that i’m growing, if I’m always right, what’s the point of living ?

The beauty life is to get surprised : Emotionally, physically…and intellectually.

Once you understand that people have different views, and they have their reasons to have them, everything that you always believed was right falls a part.

There is no right answer, only different point of views. I learned to accept them, and I live much happier with this mindset.

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