I Wish To See You Fail |The Power of Failure

Today, I wish you failure.

I wish you to fail, miserably.

Life is about building blocks. You are constantly moving from Point A to Point B, to Point C and so on…

It’s a journey of YOU navigating though life’s ups and downs.

I wanted to write few words about failure, because that’s what paralyses people in Point A, and some survivors get blocked in Point B.

Imagine you wake up and you’re 50, you look backwards and realise that nothing has changed that much. You haven’t improved, nor did you learned a new skill, nor traveled the world, nor helped anyone… Basically you lived, but you weren’t alive.

“Some failure in life is inevitable. It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default.”

J.K Rowling – Author of Harry Potter, Richest Woman in Great Britain after the Queen.

Transform the NO into a YES

J.K Rowling was homeless, poor and in a complete depression. This situation gave her nothing but one option : Do what you do best. In her case it was writing.

Many people refused to support her, or publish her books, saying that it was not “good enough”. 

Imagine being rejected by 15 “experts” and your mind tells you to keep going, keep writing, keep believing in your talent. Imagine how mentally sharp you need to be.

She took every single “no”, every single “rejection” and transformed it eventually into a huge “Yes”.

Today 500 million Harry Potter copies have been sold over the last years and translated in more than 40 languages.

If you have never read Harry potter, you can start with this one :

This is not “one of a kind” story.

Take any successful person in this world, ANYONE. Check their stories.

You will find out that every single person who has achieved major success has been through hardship, faced rejections and faced mockery and negative comments. The only meaningful asset is how hard you can face rejection, how fast you can adapt, and how committed to your goal you can be.

You are meant to be something bigger, and you don’t know it yet

For many years, I struggled with math, thinking that in order to be successful in life, I needed to be a genius in math, to know all the rules and to solve complex equations.

What an idea!

This is one the biggest problems our young generation is facing, we teach them that they are supposed to have a certain knowledge in a certain area so they can succeed. I don’t agree with this. Imagine if life was only about engineers, math experts and architects… Where is all the creativity, the poetry, the beauty and the grace ?

“Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid”

– Einstein | Job : Genius

Einstein was told that he was lazy, he was expelled from school and was refused admittance to the Zurich Polytechnic School.

Thanks to his brilliant mind (and his ability to ignore the bullshit around him), Quantum physics informs the design of many modern technologies such as transistors, LED, lasers, atomic energy, superconductors, fiber optics, phosphors, atomic clocks, GPS, CCD cameras, solar panels, etc. Our lives would be completely different without his huge contribution.

At some point of your life, you will be considered as not “fitting” or not on the “right track”.

Just ignore it, keep doing what you want and what makes you feel good.

Why I wish you to Fail

Failure is necessary. You are supposed to fail. If you don’t fail, it just means that you are not trying anything new. Failure implies that you took risks, and by taking them, you accumulate experience. Only experience can give you the wisdom to do better next time.

Consider failure as a first step towards success, a necessary step that unleashes the power of possibilities. 

When you hit rock bottom, when you are desperate because you are on the ground, when you are on your knees, look at this situation as the foundation of your future greatness; the ground zero of your potential.

Remember that you have survived everything until now, you are now a powerful and wise human being who overcame so many trials and tribulations, you can only do better.

Your time is NOW. Go out there and FAIL


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