Who am I?

I am a Business Intelligence & Data analytics Consultant. I moved last year to Paris and I am enjoying this amazing city.  This will not be a Linkedin sort of page but let’s introduce anyway.

I am a recent graduate of  « Université Toulouse I Capitole » with a Bachelors in Management & Business Administration  I also received my Master Degree in Information Technology and Business Intelligence.

I am passionate about mining through data and love to take on business challenges.

I had the opportunity to practice these skills during my internship at LVMH, the french multinational luxury goodsconglomerate in Paris. I was able to take the lead on different business intelligence projets and -thanks to my manager-, come up with new processes & ideas to help the team work better, faster, smarter.

During my college time, I founded a « Junior-Entreprise », a non-profit organization that provide students of higher education with a tangible working experience. The goal was to enable them to  “learn by doing”. While studying, they offer various consulting service to the market in information technology, web development and Business Intelligence. Thanks to an amazing team, their motivation, great work and fantastic GRIND, my last year of college will remain memorable.

My mentors are somewhere between Albert Einstein, Arnold schwarzenegger, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and DJ Khaled.